Social media marketing – the new form of marketing (2)

How do I effectively employ social media in e-commerce?

Social media has become a vital platform, containing people from different countries.Social Media has become a vital role in Internet commerce.It provides many advantages and few defects that can be avoided in the future.In this article, we will review the importance of these platforms, as well as the advantages of some of these platforms.We can address some of the social media marketing strategies and methods.

Use of social media

Social media can be used in many forms, you can use it to communicate between an individual and an individual or an individual or a company, organization or government agency.These means of communication can be used for internal communication in an organization.It is a very important way to communicate and support public relations.

Above all, you must be clear and specific about the category that you want – as a company or organization that seeks to market on these platforms – target it with a campaign on social media. Targeting the desired categories is very important, usually more than one platform is used to reach the desired goal.The platform or method of campaigning is chosen according to different criteria.The criteria can be simplified to:By topics

  • By regions
  • After the content
  • According to technology
  • According to the legal framework

If the content or topic is public,there is no problem using any of these platforms.Also, you can choose the appropriate platform if the subject specializes in a specific field, and neutralizes the target group of the topic.It doesn’t make sense for you to choose a platform like “Twitter” to explain a new product to people.You cannot use Twitter SMS to explain the new product.

If it is necessary to choose a platform suitable for each topic, also suitable for the category to be targeted.In the case of the new product you can use YouTube,it would be great to view the product in the form of a video and introduce its features extensively.Have you ever asked yourself, is it possible to deal with the target group through applications or robots? .This will be very appropriate in some cases, but be careful when sending emails or pushing messages. You must include the legal framework to protect user data.

What is advertising on social media?

Social media marketing – the new form of marketing (2)

We talked about social media marketing via content.Social media marketing is creating content for social networks like Facebook and Instagram.But what is advertising on the media? .You might think it is the same, but the difference here is big and important.Marketing via the media by publishing free content,differs from advertising on the media in funded advertising campaigns that use complex targeting.

This method depends on your social media strategy.If you want to create a funded campaign on Facebook and Instagram,you can now expand your targeting,as well as reduce your waste of effort and focus it on a category that is interested in getting the highest return on investment.

When will social media marketing be useful?

Using social media to market your services and get new customers is useful and important, but you don’t have to be part of every platform.Millions currently use social media,of all groups,ages and cultures.Most modern and modern companies are active through the means of communication.Internet marketing has become an indispensable thing.

Since communication channels on the means of communication are constantly changing,monitoring the success of Internet marketing activities is a prerequisite.Therefore, you should analyze the posts that the target group receives best and in which social networks get the most comments.

Social media marketing goals

Initially,social media marketing goals can be divided into two types,main goals and sub-goals. The main marketing objectives include the following:

  • Brand management
  • Customer management
  • Revenue generation

As a vital and important goal,brand management strives to continuously develop and increase its market size via social media.The size of the brand plays a major role in its development,especially if the company is emerging.The goal of customer management is achieved if the company can earn their loyalty,and acquire more new customers.

If you can link your brand with development and quality,you will be able to achieve your goal. Revenue generation is the desired goal of all of this. This cannot be achieved with ads alone.Each of the above aspects must be fully optimized,in order for your product or service to reach your target group.

The sub-goals are as follows:

  • Company awareness
  • Social interactions
  • the traffic

The awareness of the company’s users and consumers can be measured through the arrival of personal customer platforms and user contacts,as well as the number of subscribers on the company’s platform.Traffic and click rates mainly describe customer engagement,on the company’s website.

Social media marketing – the new form of marketing (2)
Social media marketing – the new form of marketing (2)

The advantages and disadvantages of social media

Social media marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. We can simply summarize this for you.

the advantages of Social media :

  1. It provides good opportunities to reach a large segment of customers
  2. Cheaper than traditional marketing
  3. You do not need expensive advertising materials and publications
  4. More efficient and faster delivery of new content
  5. Link your content to other websites and get new clients
  6. Expanding customer base
  7. Quickly see click rates and return on investment
  8. Control the marketing strategy in case of an emergency

The disadvantages of social media :

  1. Confusion due to how much information is transmitted every day
  2. Interference and interference between networks during data transmission
  3. It requires continuous daily work to reach the desired goal
  4. Requires a dedicated crew to make the site dynamic
  5. There is always a concern about data security and protection
  6. Consider copyright when posting videos or photos
  7. Not every picture is published to the Internet if you do not create it yourself

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