Social media – the new form of marketing (1)

In the 1990s, social media platforms created a large community of users. Initially, everyone was excited about this new experience. The youth were happy, but the elderly were in the target group. That is why companies and many public figures, as well as stars, have given great attention to social media. Social networks contain all age groups. Communication networks are no longer the same as before, they are now used to display products and provide services. It has also become used strategically for market communications and sales and purchases.

Social media - the new form of marketing (1)

Social networking is now necessary, and every company must have a strong and appropriate platform.

Social media marketing is an important and key tool in internet marketing. These platforms contain the necessary tools that help the company achieve its goals. Big brands use social media platforms, to offer their services, market their products, and communicate with their customers.

What is social media?

This term arose on the web as a form of direct communication. The user can now share his activities and what is on his mind with a group of people in a wide network on these communication platforms. The content is user-generated.

There are many social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. All these platforms have opened communication channels between companies and between users, and between users and each other. This online community saved a lot from the companies, as well as a lot of risks. On corporate communication sites, companies are interested in branding, customer loyalty and also selling products / services.

 Strategic branding has a role primarily through public relations and public relations. However, due to the increased digitization, online presence, especially on social media, is becoming increasingly important. Social media is especially suitable for this. Before diving into social media, you should be able to answer some questions.

What should your brand or company represent?
In what field do you want to become a leader?
How do you want to communicate via social media?

If you have an answer to the previous questions, this is good. Now start defining your strategy and start implementing it. First, you should consider what forms of social communication will begin.

How can you reach the target customers ?

 Social media platforms attract many people in different directions, so there must be an essential and daily role on them to reach your customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube think of them as a good starting point. Start posting regularly to one or some of them, ask your questions and answer comments. If you can get users to react with your questions and comments, well done. You are now on the right track.

Social media ensures your customers’ loyalty, more than through traditional advertising. You have an opportunity to speak to them, to know their opinion and tendencies. Most importantly, you must have a good, viewable product or content. The product must be encouraging and interesting in order to encourage users to visit your website. Therefore you must know the target group well, in order to be able to provide widely negotiable content. If you complete the above factors, you will be at the top of the social media hierarchy.
 Your product or service that you seek to market will be spreadable, your customers will recommend your product and service to others. You will see your customer database grow steadily, this is our goal of digital marketing.

The best social media as a great start.

Let’s take a closer look together at the best social media. These platforms will be a good start for you, in order to take your first step in the world of digital marketing.


Social media - the new form of marketing (1)

Facebook is a social network founded in 2004, where texts, photos or videos can be shared and shared. The company has around 2.3 billion members since then and is therefore considered a leader in social media. In 2018, the social media giant generated sales of more than $ 50 billion.

Given the number of users, it is not surprising that Facebook meanwhile is becoming a desirable platform for social media marketing that many companies advertise. Also because the company offers a variety of marketing and advertising opportunities. The budget required for this ranges from a few thousand to several thousand dollars.

Today, Facebook not only deals with young people, but now also older people are starting to spread it heavily. Facebook is beginning to play a somewhat important role among young people as a link. But politicians or artists continue to use social networks like Facebook to make themselves famous and known to voters or fans through advertisements.


Instagram is an influential marketing channel and hence indispensable in marketing. Mainly Instagram is a pictorial app in which users know how to present their aesthetic lifestyle to their followers. Instagram story works great and cool, stories are publicly visible to followers for 24 hours, after which they disappear. With highlights, Instagram gives its users the opportunity to make their stories visible on their profile after the usual 24 hours.

Instagram has been a part of Facebook since 2012 and hence is structured similarly to Facebook. The online platform, which is only ten years old, is used for sharing photos or videos. Since June 2018, Instagram has even offered TV broadcasts, so-called IGTV, through which videos that can run for up to 60 minutes can be uploaded. Until recently, social media favored coordinating portraits here. Now it is also possible to download videos in 16: 9 format. Since 2018, the network has over a billion active users. You can also transfer your account and benefit from it on Instagram, you can transfer it to a business account. You will have access to important statistics, and you will be able to place your ads directly.

Before I close with you, dear, you should know that facebook and Instagram are not the only important social media. There are a lot of important means of communication as well, and it might be better for you to market your product or service. So let’s continue in another article, the most important social media influencing the digital marketing process.

You can share your opinion with us through the comments, we will be happy to communicate together and exchange the discussion about it.

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