E-Commerce -The most important success factors

Why do some E-Commerce differ from others? . What are the reasons for doing E-Commerce ? What is the ability to be part of the fact that business can be done faster or better?. These are all important questions that we must look for to answer in order to identify together the success factors in E-Commerce.

If you are an E-Commerce professional, you must complete the article to the end. We will talk about the most important factors affecting the success of your online stores.

Store attractiveness and value proposition

Consumers are becoming more demanding, and it has become increasingly difficult to associate customers with a brand or store in the long run. Thus, traditional marketing strategies often reach their limits. Successful concepts online are characterized by the fact that they have been able to anticipate trends, early-stage customer orders and generate a unique buying experience. These concepts have been able to contribute to:

  • Building a real electronic brand with a distinct identity
  • Designing a leading online store that uses emotional elements to deepen your relationship with customers
  • Uniqueness by scope, price, value added or service
  • Determine which system suits your store and increases sales.

SEO, ease of use and services

From the customer’s point of view, speed, convenience and cost savings are among the most important advantages of online shopping. So it is important for success that online stores not be found quickly only on the Internet. Convenient store design is an important and major factor. The services provided by the store should be easy, simple and attractive. SEO is an important step in increasing the number of your customers in the short term, and in strengthening your brand in the long run.

The design of the website largely determines the first impression a consumer gets from an online retailer. Consequently, it affects the length of time spent in the online stores, and the opportunity the consumer ultimately buys and transfers. Detailed yet informative product description is the most important standard in web design this year. It is important to have the following set of services available in your store:

  • Smart search and filter functions
  • Uncomplicated access to price and delivery information
  • Technical Excellence (including quick download times, 404 easy-to-use pages)
  • Logical navigation and self-explanatory product classification
  • Smooth check-out (check-in / check-out)
  • Fun to use with digital services (e.g. through components, creation videos, conversion tables, simple product comparisons, animations, and AR)
  • Easy return management.

Exclusivity and personalization

Consumers expect targeted satisfaction of their needs – a trend that includes not only custom products. New technologies like algorithms, avatars and artificial intelligence with a large collection of data collected in ecommerce provide exciting opportunities for individual marketing campaigns. You can focus on customer-specific offers (mutual sales across products from the area of interest / sales through additional products to the product) or customize a product (such as printing on textiles).

Social networks and communities

To build an online brand store, social media is an important building block for gaining customer loyalty. In the target group of millennials in particular, assessments and recommendations on social networks are becoming increasingly important. Consumers trust brand ambassadors from their own networks more than promises in ad campaigns.

Therefore online stores operators must take a closer look at the social targeting and marketing capabilities of the recommendation in order to reach the target group where they are exactly. Building your communities, product reviews, clubs, and loyalty programs are important success factors as well.

Excellence in operations supported by information technology

In order to ensure customer expectations of the speed and quality of the withdrawal process, high process efficiency is a prerequisite for success. At the heart of the optimization process, automation and digitization are done through professional IT systems. Thus choosing a suitable store and merchandise management system plays a major role here. You can work with a scalable shop program. Also a good integration of IT (store software, ERP system) is important and effective.

Sales and networking channels

Get inspiration from social networks, compare prices online, order QR code on your smartphone and exchange it on shopping trip. Consumers now jump between different media and channels during their shopping trip. Therefore, the use of advanced sales and communication networks is one of the most important factors for success in online stores.

This can be done by developing customer contact points management. Where and how do online retailers reach the target group in the buying process ?, use media marketing campaigns, and finally develop a multi-channel strategy.

Understanding information about payment options and terms of shipping ranks second and third on the most important individual standards. It should be easy to find this information directly on the start page in the footer or header, or on the product detail page. In general, the site’s success factor is not just about design. The content should also be correct, because customers expect above all transparent and sufficient information in an online store.

Strategic cooperation

E-commerce is faster than ever. Outsourcing of selected operations can be outsourced to external implementation service providers. Significantly increasing flexibility, increasing returns and reducing risk are important planning needs. There is no suitable sourcing strategy, but the decision to “make or buy” depends on the product group, operator model, skills and resources available internally.

Customer service

The most important criterion for online shoppers service is the ability to contact customer service through various channels. In addition to classic communication channels such as a customer hotline or contact form, online retailers now offer alternative communication channels such as live chat or video chat.

These interactive services are becoming increasingly popular with customers. In addition to contacting the online store, some online retailers also provide direct contact with the shipping service provider. The customer can ask questions about the shipping and handing process, thus meeting customer requirements.

In the end, I would like to point out that the success factors for E-Commerce are numerous. You can take advantage of what we have mentioned (store attractiveness, ease of use, sales channels and networks, etc.) as basic factors for the success of the online store. There are many other aspects that you should take care of. Therefore, we advise you to continue reading on this platform, to earn more. From experience and competence in managing your online store.

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