Digital marketing: measures and strategies

Digital marketing is communication using digital technologies. Often online, it is used to build brand awareness. It is also used to generate leads, customer loyalty, transformation and sale, and aims to increase engagement between the target group and the brand.

Digital marketing is also called data-driven marketing, because it relies on data records. Digital marketing also relies on analyzing customer data to continue improving communication strategies.

The advantage of digital technology is that all measures can be measured. The Director of Digital Marketing was able to measure success in order to improve marketing. The content is often played across digital applications, such as websites, apps, emails, or social media platforms.

Digital Marketing standards and tools

Digital marketing consists of many different tools. Each has different goals; it includes all measures implemented by digital technologies. Individual options interact as part of a larger strategy, often affecting each other. Digital marketing strategy is usually designed to link different metrics in order to create interfaces and enable multiplication effects.

A successful multimedia campaign with a consistent message and a strong recognition value called integrated communication. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the content and appearance correspond to the user’s needs, requirements and expectations, in relation to the medium in question. Digital marketing complements the user on the customer’s journey in his needs and at the same time fairness of the official nature of the various contact points.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is not limited to the digital space. It is essential for communication between the company and the groups required. The content is mainly digitally marketed. Content-based digital marketing combines other disciplines with other strategic weights, all of which work together to produce the required multiplication effects.


Digital Marketing thrives on content. Content marketing means addressing the target group in a needs-oriented manner. This occurs through added value, which is posted to the relevant communication channels, without recipients being asked to return anything. The content must be non-binding and free for the target group to participate.

The more relevant and high-quality content a user has, the more interaction he has with the user and the greater the possibility of making a purchase decision. However, value added cannot develop its full potential, only when a user physically meets needs and is psychologically designed for them. The added value should be noticeable and communicated as the user searches for answers and added value.

Social media

Social networks for digital marketing provide interesting opportunities to reach the target group. Users divide themselves through the settings in their own accounts. Psychological dynamics on social media depend on the user’s targeted location, through selective reception and interaction with content.

Accordingly, communication on social media tends to be emotional. In the context of social media, content is expected from the user who inspires, amazes or amuses them. The title should be on an emotional level. Companies can take advantage of the large data sets that individual platforms have collected from their users. It can benefit by directing ads to the relevant target group efficiently and effectively.


Public Relations is a more classic tool for communicating with target groups. Public relations in digital marketing is not only present to positively illuminate the company, but aims to be more visible on the network. The company’s presence on the Internet pays off for digital marketing.

It is also seen as transparent, provided that all stakeholders in the digital space are chosen with relevant content. Communication is everything; smart online PR serves digital marketing, as it enhances corporate brand confidence and the power and reputation of target groups.


Digital marketing does not work without SEO. Search engines cannot be optimized without content and seed marketing. Google is the # 1 contact point for every target group. If you want to be on top of the search results pages for relevant keywords, you must create high-quality user content in the first place. If the content and user signals in interacting with the content are positive, a search engine will classify the content as relevant and give it a good ranking.


Seeding is the strategic distribution and placement of content, to increase the range of related content and generate viral effects. On the other hand, to support building organic links and gain valuable backlinks to proprietary media platforms. Seeding is the distribution of strategic content without which digital marketing cannot function.


Digital marketing: measures and strategies

Linkbaits in Digital Marketing is content that is designed to appear as closely as possible to other media editors. So they post the content to their media and link to the company’s media platform. When creating linkbaits, creators must be aware of the media that is relevant to the target group, and where the intersection is between customer needs, media content, and the essence of their brand. If all interests and requirements are taken into account, linkbaits can achieve the desired impacts.

Branded content rating

With branded content categorized, branded content is closely related without branding at the forefront. The content is a high added value to the target group. For example in the form of an e-book or a white paper on user-related questions. This content can be in the fields of work, relationships, finance, or hobbies.

Video seeding

The video format dictates the seeding process. Distribution is organic, through collaboration with multiples, and switching video ads. Individual measures are not options, but complement each other. On the one hand, editors from other media must be addressed in order to initiate cooperation.

On the other hand, working with content-related complications provides a boost to reach. Community emotional connection with complications greatly enhances video content from the perspective of the target group. Video ads placement is complementary, but still necessary. It allows first access with a specifically defined target group on the social media platform as well as increased brand awareness and awareness during the seeding campaign.

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