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Solve direct selling problems.

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An official email address

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Continuous technical support 7/7

Constant advice, recommendations and updates

Update and add location data

Targeted advertising campaigns

    • A service for updating and adding location data for those who wish to do so, completely free of charge.
    • A mobile application on the iOS and Android systems for those who wish, as the mobile application provides a distinct opportunity for customers to more easily browse and order products.
    • The mobile application is available for Android and iOS systems, and the following is an example of an application on Android:  click here
    • A monthly marketing package for those who wish, as a cost-price package has been allocated through Marketing Dot Limited and Pure to manage the marketing of e-stores, social media accounts, and advertising campaigns.
      تتضمن الباقة:
      Putting a post in your Instagram account every day that includes design, content and sharing of ideas.
      Creating a funded advertising campaign in Instagram targeting potential customers to start sales through the online store and Instagram account, including designs, content and sharing of ideas.
      - Linking the site and monitoring operations through analytics, monitoring, tracking, marketing, social media platforms and search engines, and making the right decisions about campaigns and content.
      - Adding products to the store as required by marketing campaigns.

Electronic payment gateways for websites and mobile applications in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Mobile application for Android and iPhone systems. Here is an example of an application for Android

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Mobile applications for Android and iPhone
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monthly marketing packages

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A store for each institution
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