The career of digital marketing specialist Mohamed Almoelef

Muhammad Jassim Ahmed Almoelef

A specialist in digital marketing with more than 15 years of experience

Now he is the founder and director of the agency of Marketing.Limited, a leading digital marketing company that provides a range of digital marketing services. He is the founder of the Bahraini Economy Digital Transformation Initiative, which aims to help and support small businesses to make their way in the field of e-commerce.

Almoelef began his career through freelance work and has achieved huge results in many projects and services in many companies, as the reason for their success was and left a clear impact in their strategic plan and in doubling the size of their profits in a way that indicates that he is a person with many self-motivations, breathing digital marketing, Possesses the drive to achieve fast results and secure the best return on investment in marketing, specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing. And all this did not come overnight, but with work experience in many companies and many specialties.

Professional and practical experiences

In 2006, the digital marketing specialist, Mohamed Al-Moallem, moved to a new stage of his life, where he founded a company to develop websites called “Kazaaz promotion services” and continued to work on it until 2014, during which he established more than 500 sites, in the meantime he began his journey in marketing and creating strategies with companies The beginning was with “Atlas Furniture”, which is considered the first actual client that the author worked with and continues with him to this day, as it was then a small furniture exhibition and now it has become a large exhibition in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has a large base of customers with the help and support of the right marketing process by Almoelef.

After that, the author worked for the benefit of many institutions and companies that are difficult to list all of them, and he achieved great successes for him and contributed to increasing and developing the percentage of their sales.

The current focus of Almoelef He is at work on The Bahraini Economy Digital Transformation Initiative Which he founded in 2020 out of his belief in the importance and necessity of moving to digital transformation and in support of small Bahraini companies to obtain their own online store through which they can increase the percentage of sales and reap profits and be a breakthrough for them in the world of e-commerce.

Through this initiative, he achieved many successes for many companies, as over a short period of time more than 400 free consultations in the field of digital marketing were given to enterprises since the beginning of the Corona pandemic by communicating through the applications dedicated to this. More than 200 Instagram accounts were analyzed for free and the necessary recommendations were written to improve its content to increase interaction. And sales.

Through this initiative, a store initiative is needed for every institution, which is an ambitious and unique initiative directed at supporting companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Gulf states by providing free integrated electronic stores in order to support emerging projects to enable them to provide successful electronic marketing. Until the end of 2020, the number of companies benefiting from this initiative reached 225 companies that were supported and followed up, starting from the first stages of establishing the store until the last stage, which is based on activating and preparing it to start marketing through it, which is the most important. 

Personal skills

All previous experiences have given the author high communication skills, and he is considered a successful leadership figure who knows well how to lead business people and is not satisfied with that only, but he trains them, refines their professional personalities and develops them, and the author has excellent skills in managing technical projects, content marketing, improving search engines, creating advertising campaigns and marketing through Various social media sites, search engines, YouTube, e-mail, and others. Also worth noting are those skills that he possesses in negotiation, problem-solving, conflict and time management.

Difficulties and challenges

There is no doubt that the path to success is very difficult and contains a set of obstacles and challenges, but the person who believes in his profession and who has a high will and motivation to achieve his goal will not give up and will continue his path despite everything.

Until now, the author still faces challenges and is being harassed by many people who try to dislodge him from his way and thwart it.

Almoele Said

"I have a goal that I want to achieve, which is to help Bahraini small entrepreneurs to be able to keep pace with the latest developments and technologies in trade and marketing in this pandemic, and to prevent the monopoly and control of regional and global platforms on our local market to preserve its balance and protect it from all harm, and to contribute to changing consumer behavior. In the local market, to complete its shopping, purchase, and payment electronically through electronic stores, and it is not my current goals to start collecting profits and making wealth.

Mohamed Almoelef


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