Digital Marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies can be defined as a set of continuous and necessary measures for marketing success.Digital Marketing is a set of strategies for promoting products and services on online platforms. Websites, social networks, blogs, emails, SEO, video and mobile marketing etc. With this in mind, you can easily understand what is and is not within Internet Marketing.

A revolution in marketing

Digital marketing is the path that all companies take because of the great potential for success. Also, sales increase at a relatively low cost. It’s not just that I post regularly to Facebook, upload a video to YouTube. I don’t even have to open a company profile on Instagram . If you’re used to setting up campaigns here and there online, we have news for you. Users hate your ads. According to a study by HubSpot, more than 43% of internet users find ads more intrusive today. 64% of them said they are ready to add an ad blocker to their browser to avoid ads. It is terribly annoying and intrusive.

So, I leave those campaigns that do not add value to the users. This means that digital marketing must stop interfering with the movement between people and begin to provide value through personalization in order to communicate with them and gain their confidence and convert them into customers.

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Digital marketing strategies

Everyone talks about social networks and websites as a hub for digital marketing. It is correct to bet on this but keep in mind that everyone is doing the same. So we must find new ways to communicate with users.

1. Marketing Content

More than a lonely trend, it’s the backbone of everything you do in digital marketing. Content marketing relies on the design, creation and distribution of creative and innovative content to attract the attention of audiences and turn them into customers. We agree that what you have to offer them is the solution they need. Content marketing should aim to include people-oriented content. With a sea of ​​information on the Internet, it’s now difficult to attract people to our content. So, you have to take a few things into consideration to get a few minutes out of your audience time and finally be able to get new customers:

Who are you creating content for?

It is necessary to know the personality of the buyer. At the moment, you might be conducting a study on what your potential customers look like. It’s not enough to specify demographic data such as age or gender. Determine what they like, what catches their eye, what channels they report, what their personal challenges, etc. You can find out what’s causing them the biggest problem.

The most common topic among people you talk to in order to get a wider picture. Once you know what they are most interested in, you can design content focused on providing solutions targeted to your product. Make your brand content the content your audience wants to consume.

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2. Video Marketing

It’s a powerful strategy that you should use if you want to increase your sales: The evidence for its effectiveness is that according to the HubSpot study, 81 percent of brands use it.

Video marketing consists of using audiovisual elements on the Internet to achieve the goals already defined in your content strategy. Being a strategy, all the company teams participate in its creation so that it achieves results. No longer focused solely on creativity, it’s about sparking a conversation, it’s actionable and measurable. The video options are endless, branding videos, and videos about how the product works. Also tutorials, testimonials (clients as ambassadors), event videos, interviews, and much more.

3. Bots

In practice, the invention is very recent, just like bots like rope games in digital marketing. This is because it is a program that you program to perform a set of specific actions that you will perform on your own, without having to interfere again. You do not need to know coding, it is easy to program and implement and is a great tool for improving your time.

You can perform simple tasks such as having a live chat-like connection with site visitors. Information about their preferences can be obtained through a series of questions addressed to the user. Leads can also be categorized by programming a series of questions that indicate the stage of a customer’s sales path.

4. Broadcast live

Being your customers at all times has gained more value in recent years thanks to the live broadcasting tools. It is one of the most innovative ways to promote a brand and spread its knowledge and thus reach potential customers. The platform number one for real-time video streaming is Facebook Live. It includes millions of users worldwide who interact three times more when there is more live broadcasts than traditional videos. Instagram Live is important and is especially popular among influencers because it allows to share personal experiences “exclusively” with followers and at the same time, interact with them.

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Marketing automation

We have already seen, analyzed and learned separately the most important tools in digital marketing. Now close your eyes and imagine that all of these tools can work in perfect harmony with the same equipment, as the only goal of digital marketing strategies, in the all-in-one program. Imagine that all of this could happen within an organic and automated system that begins with attracting leads.

The methodology consists of attracting visitors and converting them into potential customers. Hence, through a sponsorship process, they are directed towards knowing your product well. It is called internal marketing and based on customer needs. Internal marketing is the result of years of creating digital marketing strategies. Creating and distributing content relevant to your audience will make ideal customers of your brand find your product or service without having to include huge amounts of money in Google ads or Facebook ads.

You may wonder, then, what is the correct course in digital marketing? The success of all of our online marketing strategies for you lies in the approach to targeting the masses. Leave us your comments and opinions to know your view on this topic and tell us how these strategies worked for you.

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