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This is a lifetime Storefront licence. Once you get it, you can use an additional storefront in your CS-Cart online store without any functionality or time limits.

The benefit of multiple web storefronts is simple. Here’s an example.

Did you know McDonald’s earned $25 billion in 2015? They got this insane amount of revenue from 35,500 restaurants worldwide. Of course, that revenue would be even more … if there were more restaurants. You, too, can boost your revenue by opening more online stores.

However, opening an additional web store can be both time and money consuming: you have to buy an additional license, configure the server, and install and configure a shopping cart platform. Remember what it was like when you launched your first internet shop?

With the CS-Cart multi-store feature, opening an additional store is easy. You can open another storefront on a different domain and manage all the storefronts via a single admin panel. No server configuration, no more software installations. Simply get the license to add an extra storefront in your admin panel, then set it up, and you’re good to sell.

And get this: you can configure your extra storefronts as independent online stores: set the currency and languages, the design, the products, and even assign managers to it.

Plus, the license includes 30 support credits. Our technical support is paid—use these free credits to pay for support. Later on, you can purchase more support credits.

If you are not satisfied with an extra storefront, ask for a refund within 30 days after the purchase. You’ll get your money back. No questions asked.




Admin panel


CS-Cart B2B & B2C

Ready storefront :
Website content management:
Unlimited number of products and categories:
Downloadable products :
Product options and variants :
Customizable product variations :
Flexible product import :
Unlimited number of product filters:
Automatic inventory control :
Real-time shipping rate estimation:
Built-in online payment gateways :
Customizable one-step checkout :
Marketing and promotion tools:
Membership levels and access permission rules:
Bonus system and customer loyalty rewards :
Multi-channel retailing :
Search engine friendly URLs:
Return merchandise authorization :
Multiple languages :
Multiple currencies :
Multiple product suppliers:
Product option combination exceptions :
"Powered by CS-Cart..." link can be altered or removed :
Shipment management :
Powerful API :
Ebay synchronization add-on :
Facebook commerce :
In-stock notifications for purchasers :
Low-stock notifications for admins :
Administration privileges :
Easy re-ordering :
Automatic invoice generation :
Close storefronts, hide prices :
Personal prices for purchasers :
Multiple users in one customer account :
Fast order creation in the admin panel :
Price list downloading :
Add products in bulk :
Stores and warehouses :
Unlimited number of B2C storefronts :
Unlimited number of nB2B storefronts:

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