CS-Cart Mobile App Builder


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CS-Cart Mobile App Builder: The CS-Cart App builder can allow easy sell and purchase of a product on the store.it is one of the most sustainable ready to use a solution of any website on the CS-Cart platform. The App works on the REST API to integrate all the web-end features and more in the app. With an Open Source code structure, the app can be easily customized easily as per requirement.

The native mobile app solution will allow the device based features to interact easily in the app. So as to give an effective solution for the app developers to embed features like- barcode search, geolocation, voice search, fingerprint login, photo search, etc. So, its time to take advantage of so many features and attract maximum customer to enhance sales.

Highlighted Features

RTL Layout Support

The app gives full support to the RTL language type, which includes the change of the app layout in addition to the language script.

Customizable And Configurable

The app can be configured from the admin end for basic changes. Being Open Source code the app can be customized from the code end easily.

Interactive UI/ UX

The app offers a very user-friendly approach for the app users to allow them to interact with the store and its products.

Quick Search

With the type search and voice search facility, the app user can find the products on store quite easily.

Real-Time Synchronization

The app is sync in real time with the web end to allow reflection of changes on both the end.

Layered Navigation

The app user can filter out the product in the category collection section to view the set of the desired products easily.

Social Share

The products in the app can be shared among buyers via social media. This can help a lot in the generation of a good customer base.

Currency Modification

The app user can change the currency of the product as per choice to allow an easy purchase.

Wallet System

The app supports default CS-Cart wallet system to allow the faster checkout process with the wallet amount.

Via Finger Print

Expect the normal register mail sign in option the app allows the customer to sign in the account via their fingerprint. This sign in approach is meant to make the app much secure and quick.

CS-Cart Mobile App Builder Features:

  • Well integrated with existing CS-Cart store.
  • Informative and interacting shopping app with a fast and intuitive response.
  • Supports default CS-Cart shipping methods.
  • Supports phone order, cash on delivery, fax ordering, money order and personal cheque as payment methods.
  • The option of the gift voucher, promotional and coupon code have been provided.
  • Feature of push notification over the devices has been provided.
  • Well configured and easy to use at admin end.

Features added in CS-Cart Mobile App version 2.0 :

  • The functionality of multiple profile creation is available and can be availed once enabled at admin end.
  • Functionality to support multiple currencies.
  • Functionality to support multiple languages.

CS-Cart Mobile App Builder Benefits:

  • Increases relationships and loyalty by reinforcing the store.
  • Benefits sell through exposures across mobile devices.
  • Strengthen the connectivity with on-the-go customers.
  • Well supportive in terms of accessibility, immediacy, and reachability.

Unlimited Push Notification

The CS-Cart mobile app is a connecting bridge to share details with the customer. The store owner can share the details about the offer, discount, deals, and other such information using Push Notification.

These Notifications can be easily managed from the admin panel. They can be of any type related to products, categories, or some other random information.

  • Better Promotion of the Store Activities.
  • Much Effective then SMS and Emails that end up in spam.
  • Attract customers much easier.

Deep Linking

The CS-Cart Mobile app builder is effective enough to allow the user to navigate directly towards the app. The app user need not struggle in navigating across multiple pages or website. Instead, the app user is redirected towards a targeted page.

Deep Linking will increase user involvement with the app and increases the chances of conversion. Thus allow mitigation in the bounce rate

  • Instead of the web view, the customers can shop from the native mobile application.
  • It provides a better user-friendly experience as compared to the mobile web. Enhance customer experience and hence your sales.

NOTE: For iOS App, the website must contain https. Deep-linking will not work on HTTP.

GDPR Support

As per the postulate set by the EU, the safety of data of the customer is important. The CS-Cart mobile apps ensure the data privacy of the customer registering the app. It doesn’t enforce the app user to bid by terms and conditions which they are not willing to.

  • The GDPR feature can be enabled from the admin end.
  • Enable or disable the set of terms and conditions can be accepted or decline as per the choice of app user on Sign up Page, Account Information Page, Address page, Shipping page, Payment page, and on Review Page.
  • State the terms and Condition for the above pages.

Pure Native App Built On Java And Swift

The CS-Cart mobile app builder is a native app, that is, they work as per the devices. The device dependency can help in providing better app performance. It helps in the delivery of better user experience and interaction. The Mobikul Android app is codes are written in Java on Android Studio framework and iOS apps are coded in Swift using Xcode. Thus the app yields

  • Better Graphics support.
  • An effective response with device-based features like GPS, Machine learning and many more.
  • Much secure and reliable solution

Progressive Web Application (PWA)

The web development technique to allow users to enjoy an app like experience. Mobikul mobile app will remove the requirement of installation of a separate app from play store or app store.

  • User-friendly approach.
  • The website is added to the home screen of mobile users.
  • Supports features like Push Notification, working in low internet quality and many more.

POS React Native App

We even have an app for Physical store management. This app with its numerous features will allow effective store management. All the information is synchronized between the online store and offline store/retail outlet. Few Features of the app

  • Product management of Physical store.
  • Cart Management of behalf of customers.
  • Customer information management.
  • Customer Order Management.
  • Custom Discount addition.

Offline Mode

The app can even work offline i.e with no or less internet connectivity to allow the continuity in navigation. The customer can continue looking for the pages which were loaded while internet connection was present.

This will enhance user experience with the app as they can enjoy hassle free purchase. The app is the perfect solution to people residing in a remote location where net connectivity is not efficient.

  • Enhancement of User loyalty.
  • Locally saves the Pre-Browsed data.