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Why Shopigate ؟!

Support all payment methods

At Shopigate, we provide you with all payment methods, starting with bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit card payment (Visa and MasterCard), debit cards and PayPal.

Ship your orders and be comfortable

With Shopigate, shipping management made easy and provided you with the tools needed It also provided you with all the companies you need to do local and international shipping. You don’t have to search for shipping companies to get orders for the deal! We have provided you with everything you need for this process

Own a store with your own ID at the lowest cost

With Shopigate, you can within hours create your own store with the lowest costs, get free hosting, continuous updates, and without any commission on sales.


Detailed reports to measure the performance of the store

Through reports you will be able to get all the information you need to know about the store’s performance and make the best decisions

Marketing tools to increase your sales

We made sure to enable companies to market powerfully with simple and easy tools. You can create marketing campaigns and send them to the customers, specifying the target segment professionally and easily

Ease of product listing and inventory management

You will be able to manage your products, Whatever the type of these products, whether ready-made or customized products, digital products, etc. with ease

Our prices

Our packages are suitable for all types of companies. Competitive prices

Online Store Payment Methods

Shopigate stores are built based on CS-Cart’s world-famous platform


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