Multi-Vendor Marketplace platform is standalone eCommerce software that allows you to create an online marketplace. In Multi-Vendor, independent vendors can sell their products through a single storefront.

“…dedicated for creating multi-vendor marketplace, it comes with tons of great features and stylish looking user interface which makes it stand alone in the competition”.

“CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the best software the store’s owner could find — it easily allows to deal with a lot of number of vendors, take payments, upload and edit products very quickly and engage with the customers.”

“A quick and easy turnkey solution that works out of the box, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor stores are user friendly and supported by resilient back end coding and in-depth reporting”

Key Admin Features in Multi-Vendor

An admin is the head of a Multi-Vendor marketplace. He or she controls everything from the admin panel: vendors, orders, income, payouts, look and feel, and more. Being a Multi-Vendor marketplace admin is something like being the manager of the whole eBay. Often, a single admin physically can’t manage the whole online marketplace. In this case, the main admin adds other admins and set privileges for them: some can manage orders, some—the virtual shopping mall look and feel, and some—communications. This is how the administration works in the Multi-Vendor ecommerce platform.

Advanced vendor payout system

Configurable vendor plans

Multiple levels of administrative access

Flexible product approval system

Advanced order management system

Detailed statistics and reports

Key Vendor Features in Multi-Vendor

An online vendor is the one who sells in an internet marketplace. A Multi-Vendor marketplace can have an unlimited number of vendors. To become a vendor in a Multi-Vendor shopping mall, a candidate fills in the application form, gets the admin’s approval, and starts showcasing the products on a common storefront. Just like on eBay, every market vendor has his own mini-store with the search, filters, categories, and the vendor’s personal online storefront. Vendors pay commissions from their sales and subscribe to vendor pricing plans with monthly fees.

Separate vendor panel

Separate mini store for every vendor

26 built-in translations

Real-time and manual shipping calculations

Comments and reviews

Vendor account balance, sales reports & statistics

Mobile App for Multi-Vendor

Offer a new way to buy from your Multi-Vendor store

via an app for Android and iOS devices

3 Months of FREE Premium Technical Support

Our support team is at your service 15 hours a day including Saturday and Sunday. Each our support engineer takes special training—that’s why these guys know CS-Cart software solutions all the way from A to Z. All the communication takes place in our Help Desk system in writing. The communications are stored: even if another engineer takes your case, you won’t have to describe your problem again. Overall, our support engineers are good fellas. And yeah, they got a Christmas tree in their office all year round. Don’t ask.

5 Reasons to Choose Multi-Vendor

  1. Multi-Vendor is one of the most popular market systems in the world. It perfectly suits any kind of online market—from a big all-in-one shopping mall to a mix of a marketplace and a social network.
  2. Under the bonnet, the Multi-Vendor marketplace script has the most feature-rich shopping cart platform—CS-Cart. It means that your e-commerce marketplace will have all the CS-Cart features.
  3. When buying the Multi-Vendor marketplace software, you get 3 months of free premium technical support. No other ecommerce marketplace solution can offer this.
  4. The Multi-Vendor marketplace platform has the richest documentation and video tutorials. You will easily learn how to manage and configure your internet marketplace and impart your knowledge to your online shopping vendors.
  5. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee during 30 days after the purchase. If you are not satisfied with our digital marketplace script, we’ll refund your money with no hassle. You don’t risk anything when building an online marketplace with the Multi-Vendor ecommerce software.

30 Days

100% risk-free purchase

If you’re not satisfied with our product, we’ll refund your money.
No questions asked.