CS-Cart B2B & B2C

Ready-to-Go eCommerce Platform
for Manufacturers and Wholesale Businesses


В2B ecommerce platform that Handles 100,000+ products without customization

  CS-Cart B2B & B2C is the latest electronic store building platform for wholesale companies and factories. All purchases and customer collaborations are automatic with B2B CS-Cart. Goodbye to track operations manually.

Powerful catalog management system

With the CS-Cart B2B program, you can create an endless number of categories, design wonderful and varied shapes of your products, import thousands of products in minutes and much, much more. You can design the features of your products with 45 parameters, including discounts and large quantities.


The admin panel has many features in a well-organized arrangement. The CS-Cart B2B platform is simple and easy to operate, so you can navigate the store and operate it simply. You do not need to do special programming to create and equip your store on CS-Cart.

Open source code

The CS-Cart comes with an open source code. If you need specific functions, customize the platform as you like. You can also add design, integrations, custom functions, etc. CS-Cart is certified by over 300 developers worldwide.

Solid support

Enjoy a strong and friendly support team that helps you solve problems and provides advice on using the platform. On average, there are 5 updates annually to the platform to ensure quality, improve new jobs and add new ones. You can count on us to develop and update your b2b store.

Why Start a B2B E-Commerce Store on CS-Cart

You desperately need to make the purchase automatically, if you are a factory owner or distribute your products wholesale to companies. It depends on the chances of clients staying with you and their satisfaction with the sales process if the buying process is always faster and easier. Designing your B2B store will be easy to use and more effective using CS-Cart.

Close storefronts, hide prices

You can lock your B2B interface to unauthorized users. Unauthorized users will not be able to see products or prices. They will have to log in to the store to see the catalog. This option helps you to strengthen your supervision of the purchasers yourself.

Personal prices for purchasers

In b2b store, you can create groups for young and old wholesale buyers with different discounts. Additional benefits can be assigned to each group, such as individual discounts. If the discount is already on the product, it will only get the individual discount.

Another great feature is customer levels, where you can add a buyer to a group of privileged users when he buys a certain amount of money. With CRON, you can make a regular update to a group of users automatically.

Easy integration with third-party services

You can integrate your b2b online platform with other external services thanks to CS-Cart B2B & B2C, it has a great API.

Now you can enjoy accounting systems to update prices automatically, CRM to enable you to continuously communicate with buyers and get more requests, announcements, analysis, ERP, EDI and many other features. You can create a robust B2b store system to work efficiently and powerfully with CS-Cart.

Multiple storefronts

Another great feature is that you can create an endless number of storefronts using the CS-Cart and manage them via a single admin panel. You can configure storefronts independently and without restrictions in terms of products, prices, shipping, pages, form, appearance, payment options and other important things.

For example, create two different interfaces B2C and B2B. In the B2C storefront, create promotional offers for end customers, and B2B store create business offers. Promotion rules for B2C and B2B can vary a lot.
In B2B store, set different product descriptions and prices and remove online payment from the interface.

You already have two separate and completely independent stores that you manage from one admin panel.

Multiple users in one customer account

Another great and important feature is the ability to create multi-user accounts. This feature is great for companies, where the manager can create an order and track and examine the supervisor and the accountant deals with the papers. All of these can work from one account as different users.


Buyers are interested in knowing how many products are in stock and the time of delivery. This feature is very important if you own many warehouses, and each warehouse has a different balance of products and the delivery period may vary between one warehouse to another. Through it you can track the inventory separately in each warehouse and tell buyers what they need to know.

Administration privileges

With CS-Cart, different levels of access and privileges can be set on the admin panel. You can register employees, for example, a web designer, who works in the style and style of the store, while managers communicate with buyers and process orders.

If you have several storefronts for your store, one of them contains electrical power tools and the other is a storefront for lightning fixtures. Every interface needs a manager who has sufficient experience with the products available in the store. You can appoint a director who specializes in electrical appliances for the first façade and a director specializing in lightning fixtures. The two will be in the same admin panel without one of them interfering with the work of the other.

Fast order creation in the admin panel

Now the manager can create quick orders for buyers manually from the admin panel while they are on the phone more quickly without touching the mouse.

Some buyers are accustomed to calling and ordering over the phone instead of ordering on the website. In CS-Cart, you can collect orders either from the website or the phone in one place without any confusion.

Easy re-ordering

Some factories order the same consumer products as office supplies and cleaning tools each time in the same quantities. Instead of hardship ordering from the start, they can now click with one click at their expense to re-order the same products in the same quantity.

Product variations

Product variation is an important tool in effectively showing differences between products. This tool helps buyers choose the right product for them. You can now show the differences between products in a grouped view under the product itself, or as items in a separate catalog.

If you sell on your store a smartphone in three colors – black, blue and white, and a storage capacity of 32 and 64 GB, you can automatically create variations for the same product. With one click you can combine these features without having to create separate products. You can also make product variations as separate products at individual prices. Variations can be found easily by searching and filtering

Price list downloading

The price list displays the actual prices for the buyer, taking into account individual discounts. From a B2b customer account or from the cart, buyers can download the price list. This price list contains only cart products. The buyer can make a proposed sale of it and send it to the ultimate buyer.

In-stock notifications for purchasers

From today, the buyer will not need to check your site daily to see if the product is in stock or not. You can allow the buyer to pre-order or make a stock notification. When the product reaches stock, the buyer will receive a notification on the mailbox.

Low-stock notifications for admins

The product should not run out of your store without knowing in advance, so Low-stock notifications help you know the remaining number of the product before running out to be able to return the stock. It will send you a notification when the product reaches the minimum you specify.

Personal manager information block

You can add content, arrange or permanently delete it from your store pages, and you can also add blocks, products, banners, special offers, etc. All thanks to a flexible layout editor. You can now add a block containing any HTML content to any page, so that a block containing the manager’s name, phone number, and picture can be displayed on the buyer’s account page.

Add products to cart in bulk

It is imperative to make the order optimize fast, if the purchase of bulk products. With this feature on the product category page, you can quickly add many products to the basket in large quantities.

Imagine a buyer wanted to buy 100 pieces of cooking equipment, look at the vast number of times he would need to click on the Add to Cart button and return to the category page multiple times. This feature provides you with the addition of products in large quantities to the shopping cart, where the buyer can select check boxes in the product list and click on the Add to Cart button once. It is a time-saving feature.

45 product parameters

Enjoy the flexibility of the CS-Cart panel on product properties. Enjoy more than 45 important product features. You can now set a minimum purchase of a product on your store. For example, you can set a minimum purchase of cases of soda to 20. A customer cannot purchase less than 20 soda cases.

Automatic invoice generation

You can save significant time on paperwork with this feature. CS-cart can create a purchase invoice for the customer automatically after he submits the order. When the buyer adds or removes a product from the order, the invoice is updated taking into account the date and details of the new order.

Order status notifications

The buyer can continuously follow up on the order, no need to worry anymore. If the status of the order changes, the customer will be notified of a mailbox notification. Do not need to call the customer and disturb him. You can create or change the text of notifications sent to the customer to make them more friendly and kind.

Why CS-Cart is a Perfect Fit for B2C, Too

If you want to have a B2C storefront as well as B2B, you will not find a better one than the CS-Cart board. You can create multiple storefronts, and enjoy the advantage of multiple stores from a single admin panel.
Enjoy the selection of the CS-Cart control panel for B2C stores, as selected by 35,000 customers from 170 countries around the world
  CS-Cart requires no expensive server and no more money to increase functionality and capabilities. CS-Cart is easy to install, maintain and use, it’s also in functionality, and ready to be customized. CS-Cart is very compatible with Google, SEO-friendly, with integrated SEO tools.