B2C Features

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Built-­in Layouts Editor

Enjoy using a built-in layout editor that enables you to arrange your data on your storefront in easy and simple ways.

Enjoy creating more awesome, static and responsive layouts.

200+ Beautiful Storefront Themes

Now you can change the look and feel of your store using different storefront themes.

CS-Cart Marketplace offers the most beautiful and easy to install themes. Using the CS-Cart admin panel you can do everything.

Customize Your Storefront in Real Time

Create a unique interface for your store in minutes. Easier design with the built-in theme editor, you can change fonts, color scheme, and storefront background directly on the site.
Create your own new unique style. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS!
Everything is in your hands now.

200+ Beautiful Storefront Themes

Smarty Template Engine

Get the “Smarty” template engine. Smarty is a simple and powerful engine spread across the web. Templates in CS-Cart are supported by Smarty. Now, new designers can move around freely.

Edit HTML/CSS in browser

Web developer can edit template files directly from CS-Cart admin panel. CS-Cart is available in 100% open source code.

Manage Your Store

Powerful Admin Panel

All CS-Cart stores have the perfect management panel. You can take advantage of many options to completely control your store.

Everything you need is in your hands. Don’t worry, all of your tools are properly arranged with Seamless and organized design.

Admin Mobile App

Now, you can manage the store via your mobile phone at any time. Enjoy the simple and easy application on your phone. Whether iOS or Android, you can launch the app, start the admin panel, and continue working in wherever you are. Using the administration panel through the application is more comfortable and controlled, compared to using a mobile web browser.

The app is only available with CS-Cart Ultimate. Get it now.

Built-in Content Management

Enjoy a rich CS-Cart management panel with an integrated system, enabling you to manage your content freely. The built-in CMS gives you easy ways to create SEO-friendly pages compatible with search engines.

A modern web-based WYSIWYG editor will give you an opportunity to create great pages in moments. From today, you have permission to full control over your page navigation and hierarchy.

Product Filters

In the store catalog, you will find filters suitable for an efficient search method. Also, you will be able to create a custom filters for your product that focus on the features of your product.

Return Management

With the built-in RMA add-on, the customer has an opportunity to quickly create and track a return request on their profile page. You can control and manage all requests through the admin panel.

Multi-Language & Currency

CS-Cart contains 10 languages. The customer can choose the language and currency and enjoy shopping at your store. The conversion of prices is automatic and at a glance.

Multi-Store by Design

You can expand with additional storefronts when using CS-Cart. You can also combine more than one storefront using a single admin panel.

You can create two stores from one, you can easily customize each storefront with the same database. Give each interface a unique and distinct look, and make each store a dedicated customer and product store.


Powerful Product Option

CS-Cart gives you multiple product options, you can specify options such as weight, color, and size. You can add a picture or an option to every option you offer to clients. With each option, you can change the weight, price, or any other feature.

Create an option, select its type, choose the text, the text area, and the file. You can take advantage of the file type if the product is customized. Your customers can add their own graphic images.

Option Combinations

Now you can add many variables to each option, and add an image that explains this variable. The customer clicks on the option and chooses the change that suits him, he will see the change in the picture shown in front of him.

Variables prohibited on this product can be specified, and the customer cannot choose them if you select them as an option.

Price and Weight Modifiers for Each Option Variant

When the customer chooses one of the offered variables, there will automatically be a change in the price of the product presented to him.

If the change chosen by the customer causes a change in the weight of the product, the new weight will also appear automatically as well. This option is important when calculating the cost of delivery.

Sequential Options

If there are options linked together in your product, you can use Sequential Options.
The customer is allowed to choose the allowed options according to what they want, and the rest of the options will be closed to him.

Thanks to this choice, you can define the available specifications for your product together.

Absolute Control over Your Catalog Inventory

Track with options

You can accurately track product inventory. Available numbers are explained and divided according to different options.

This feature is great if you are tracking quantities of pots or clothes of different colors and sizes.

Track without options

This option will provide you with product tracking without specifying any options. You will get the available quantity in the store in general.

Do not track

Do not track the product. If the product is not available on your store now, enable this option.

Downloadable Products Ready

You can sell your store’s products online. Just enable this feature from Settings / General / Catalog. You are now ready to publish your product online.

Full Control of Export & Import

Importing and exporting data through your store is very important. You have now the option to import and export features, products, customer data on your store, translations and orders.

The importance of this feature in CSV data format is extremely large. You can easily import and export data to any stock accounting system, which is commonly supported by other programs.

Payments & Shipments

Real-Time Shipping Rates

Enjoy offering real shipping rates directly to the payment page, in automatic connection with the largest shipping companies around the world such as FedEx and USPS. Depending on the customer’s shipping address and online shipping provider data, the shipping cost is calculated. All this in moments.

Seamless Shopping

The customer can enjoy smooth and fast shifts in shopping and following the product, from placing it in the shopping cart to reaching it without having to re-download his page.

PCI Compliant

Your customers can pay with MasterCard, VISA and other credit cards securely. CS-Cart meets all the safety requirements necessary for the PCI DSS standard.

Natural Customer Checkout

To ensure that the customer makes sure that the page exits naturally and safely, all exit steps are displayed securely on a single page of CS-Cart. The whole process clearly and intuitively happens to the customer.

Variety of Payment and Taxation Options

Ready to Sell from the Start

CS-Cart allows you to sell instantly online, with major payment options available outside the box such as credit card and PayPal with minimal required configuration.

Flexible Tax Management

With the advanced tax tools CS-Cart, you can charge taxes on shipping, billing, and more. You can also arrange them in order of priority and importance.

Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

CS-Cart helps you reach your potential customers. Using easy methods to edit and write your information in the content management system. The CS-Cart panel provides you with SEO-friendly URLs, enabling you to take your store to the first results on Internet search engines.

Sell on Facebook, Ebay, Google Shopping

On the CS-Cart, you can now purchase the Facebook and Ebay sync extensions separately. Extensions export your products to Ebay, Google Shopping and even Facebook using Google Export.

Multi-Channel Commerce—Widget Mode

Now, publish and embed your store on other web pages. Using the on-page gadget icon, you can create your store’s widget on other webpages like WordPress and Facebook.

Completely Social

You can facilitate the login of your customers on your store by using their personal accounts on other social media like: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.


Take advantage of the benefits of blogs on your store. Create a blog, publish information about your products, product news, everything new in the store. You can attract more customers through your own blog and increase content that is interesting with SEO. It is a great opportunity.

Conversion tools

Testimonials & Product Reviews

Hear your customer’s comments about products and try them out with them.

Through comments, you can create a harmonious community with your customers and benefit from their ratings and comments on the products.

Valuations will be a reliable and influencing thing for new customers, which will contribute greatly to increasing sales.

Bestsellers & On-Sale Products

This tool provides you with the best products, bestsellers, and new and similar products to your customers. Your customers can enjoy the best of your products directly without the need for much research

Customers Also Bought

This list is an important tool for adding a complementary offer to the product, which benefits the customer and increases your profits. Now you can display your product and this tool displays your other products that complement it. This tool will contribute greatly to increasing your profits.

Buy Together

This tool allows you to create a bundled sales package of products from your store. You can make offers and discounts on a group of related products. This will make your customers very happy.

Customer Cart Tracking

Even your unfinished customer purchase carts can be tracked now. “Abandoned / Live carts” lets you know why your customers have not completed shopping.

You can check the data, find out the reason and find a solution that satisfies the customers

Abandoned Carts

The tool allows you to know when and why your customers leave their shopping carts and not complete the purchase.

This will help you discover the problems and troubles facing them and work to solve them to improve the sales process and increase profits.

Live Carts

With the CS-Cart admin panel, you can now view details and steps for current purchases. Any purchase in the store is now in front of your eyes step by step.

Promotions & Discounts

With the CS-Cart panel you can choose between one of the options to attract your customers, through discount and percentage options or a catalog. Options such as discounted price are great for attracting your clients and new clients as well.

Just set a price list lower than the actual product price and the discount will be calculated quickly.

Seamless Integration with Mad Mimi and MailChimp

You can now benefit from Mad Mimi and MailChimp email marketing services. Now you can use the Email Marketing Add-on to link and synchronize your customer lists.



In every new version, we strive to make the CS-Cart faster than ever. We care about the speed of your store and realize how important it is to shop convenience online. In the Google Page Speed test, CS-Cart scores 95 out of 100. It is the fastest among other shopping platforms.

Be confident, your customers will not wait for the page to load and a sense of wasted time and boredom. The new design of the board is distinctive, smooth and fast.

Client-Side Optimization

Lazy Image Loading

If your customers hover over the photos on the front of your store, you will find the slow image upload.

This feature will help reduce server load and make web page loading fast.

Deferred Script Loading

Because customer content must first appear on a webpage, your clients cannot see scripts because they are part of an HTML page.

Scripts are loaded last, and do not prevent visual content from loading.

Gzip for HTML, CSS, JS

Gzip reduces the size of these files sent to the client’s browser. When your customers visit your store, your server sends files (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to their browser. Files must be as small as possible for fast transmission to the client’s browser.

CDN Support Out of the Box

CDN is a system of distributed servers all over the world. This system stores your static data, such as pictures or JavaScript files, to send it back to your customers as quickly as possible wherever they are. CS-Cart ships with Amazon CloudFront CDN support. You can easily publish your content all over the world.

Server-Side Optimization

Built-In Cache

Stored template data and MySQL query results are quickly retrieved from memory when CS-Cart needs this data. Built-In Cache stores this data.

xCache, Redis, APCu

Obtaining data from memory is much faster than generating it from the beginning, therefore CS-Cart supports xCache, Redis, and APCu as accelerators to store data temporarily.


Because retrieving a byte code from memory is faster than compiling a PHP script every time you need it, OpCache accelerates PHP scripts. The program saves byte codes in memory. When CS-Cart requests the same scripts, the previously saved byte code is retrieved.


(HipHop Virtual Machine) is a technology developed by Facebook to implement PHP scripts. It is a fast and practical way.

In order for CS-Cart to be fast, PHP scripts must also be fast, and HHVM is the fastest executing script.